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Exhibitions Until 6. March 2022

Aha, Gravity!

What makes everyone and everything pull together? We feel it in our muscles when lifting something, but we don’t really notice it in our daily lives. Why does an apple thrown into the air sooner or later fall down towards the centre of the Earth? Or why does a space rocket need so much power and force to break itself free from Earth?

Exhibitions Until 30. October 2022

Aha, Sport!

A new exciting and engaging sports-themed exhibition "Aha, Sport!" is now open!


Aha, The Core of Science!

World's best exhibits meet actual nuclear science! Spin on the life-size hamster wheel and human gyroscope and find out how the best particles of the world are being bounced at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research

Exhibitions Until 28. April 2024

Aha, dinosaurs!

Aha, dinosaurs! - they're back! From 18. November. Travel back in time hundreds of millions of years and discover the wondrous world of the dinosaurs!

Special events

Special events 19. February 2021

AHHAAs tickets -50%

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