Joy of discovery for all!

The AHHAA Science Centre aims to value learning by offering the joy of discovery for all. The Science Centre was founded by the University of Tartu, the Ministry of Education and Research and the City of Tartu. AHHAA's main mission is to promote science to the general public. To date, more than three million people of all ages have visited AHHAA events. Read more about the history of AHHAA and previous exhibitions here.

In the AHHAA building in the centre of Tartu, you can see and try out exhibits, take part in film screenings in the unique spherical planetarium and watch science theatre performances. Visitors of all ages are welcome to come to AHHAA for a full day of fun and activities.

International cooperation

AHHAA is an internationally recognised partner in several organisations. AHHAA is a member of the Nordic Science Centres Association (NSCA). In addition, AHHAA is also active in the European Centre for Science and Technology Excellence (ECSITE), the European Science Festivals Organisation (EUSEA) and the International Planetarium Society (IPS).
AHHAA mission
The mission of AHHAA is to develop a knowledge-based mindset by providing the joy of discovery. AHHAA's four core values are knowledge, excitement, professionalism and friendliness. AHHAA is original and innovative, based on facts, science and experience. We value education, we are a reliable partner and we are open to new ideas.

AHHAA vision
AHHAA's vision is to be the preferred science education visitor centre in the Baltics for all age groups. AHHAA has exciting exhibitions, popular thematic events, attractive permanent programme in Estonian, Russian, English and Latvian.