Science Orienteering

Are you organising a corporate event and want to try orienteering with your team? But why not take it a step further and try your hand at science orienteering?

What exactly is science orienteering? We promise that you would be hard-pressed to think of a more entertaining way to spend your time.

During science orienteering with AHHAA, you and your team can compete to build the tallest tower. Or crawl through a cobweb. But also calculate the number of items in a jar and throw prank instruments.

Science orienteering is a wonderful way to challenge your mind and it gets everyone involved. All this to make your company’s summer, winter or other holidays fun and exciting.

Send us your request and we’ll organise a science orienteering event at your next corporate event.

Price list

Science orienteering

  • Duration1,5-2 hours
  • up to 150 participants
  • Every extra participant 10 €/person
1500 € *
tel 515 6766
  Transport 0,8 €/km   
Additional fee of 25% for services that take place on weekends, national holidays or after the workday (later than 19.00).
The price includes VAT at 22% and applies to companies, institutions as well as to and individuals.
  • We can be contacted weekdays 9-17. In order for us to be able to offer you the time you want, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Submitting a reservation is not confirmation of your booking! We will reply to your booking request and either confirm it or offer solutions to find suitable alternatives if it is not possible to come to your place at the time you have chosen.