Conveyor workshop

So you have the event concept in place and you’re wondering how to make it even more attractive? Here’s an idea – why not order a conveyor workshop for your event?

This workshop is great way to add value to a family day or a Christmas party. Conveyor workshops are fun for adults and children aswell.

Up to 50 people can participate in the conveyor workshop for 60 minutes. Work together to construct a catapult, fly a rocket or explore the origins of the Pepper ghost. In any case, the conveyor workshop will bring some much-needed excitement to your event.


With VAT
Conveyor workshop
Up to 50 people during 1h
750 €
tel: +372 515 6766
Transport0,8 €/km 

  Additional fee of 25% for services that take place on weekends, national holidays or after the workday (later than 19.00).