Behind-the-scenes tour

Our behind-the-scenes tour will help you answers questions such as: “How are AHHAA exhibitions produced?” or “What goes on in the areas way from public view?” This is your chance to find out!

Bring your team and learn how the biggest science centre in the Baltics operates.

AHHAA brings together some of the most wonderful inquisitive minds in the Baltics who work tirelessly every day. The tour will give you an insight into the working process and the passion that drives these people as they conjure up amazing exhibits.

The behind-the-scenes tour of AHHAA is a great way to make your corporate event more fun with a tour of some of the lesser seen areas of AHHAA for up to an hour.

NB! The tour is by reservation only!

Incl. VAT
 Excl. VAT
Behind-the-scenes tour240 €
197 €
Additional fee of 25% for services that take place after 19.00.
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