Ride the bicycle high above the hall, take a photo of yourself with an exploding balloon and see what's inside the washing machine and other home appliances

In AHHAA's Hall of Technology, you can ride a bicycle on a rope, step inside a shaking tunnel and discover the mysterious shadow exhibits. You can also take a picture of yourself with an exploding  balloon, pull yourself up to the top of the Munchausen Tower, spin inside the Estronaut's training device.

On the side of the hall are the laboratories where various workshops take place every day. The 2nd floor balcony is home to the historical medical collections of the University of Tartu and on the 3rd floor balcony, a fun illusions exhibition "Aha, Illusions!" is waiting for you.

Did you visit AHHAA and took balloon pictures? Take a look at the pictures and download them here.
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