Organize an event

Birthday at AHHAA

It doesn't matter whether you're a child or simply feel like one. AHHAA makes your birthday fun and memorable!

Seminars and conferences

Hold your conference, seminar or meeting in AHHAA and enjoy the post-conference programme in the biggest science centre in the Baltic states!

NEW! Virtual and hybrid events

AHHAA's new high-tech solutions make your conferences safer and more flexible. We offer three options for online and hybrid events.

Parties, weddings and corporate events

Make your special moments even more special! We have a variety of rooms from laboratories to huge exhibition halls and a huge selection of fun and engaging science events from hands-on workshops to science shows.

Book AHHAA's programme

Want to have fun AND get smarter? Book your colleagues or friends a science event in AHHAA: a science theatre, workshop or a planetarium show!

Order AHHAA's programme to your event

We bring AHHAA's hands-on workshops and spectacular science theatre shows to your desired location in the Baltic States!

Fire Taming: 101

There's something primal but appealing about fire. Since ancient times, fire has always been our friend, but only if we can tame it. Does your team have the right fire-bending gene?

Whistleblower masterclass

Whistle blowing is a vanishing art. We are bringing it back! The right sound, which lasts and calls every dog home and every sheep to the fold. Put your team to the test, because this one takes all your wits.

The Human Crane

Have you ever noticed that giant cranes just appear? Who puts them up, or more importantly, how are they put up? In this team game, the challenge is to impersonate a crane engineer as the little animals need rescuing!

The Mad Chemist's escape room

Solution X + solution Y = Bang! Get your team spirit ready, because this is a game of speed and cunningness. Are you fast enough to get to the right combination before the others?

Behind the scenes tour

Want to know how AHHAA exhibitions are born? Maybe you want to take a look into the back rooms of AHHAA? Here's your chance! Take your team to see how the biggest science centre in the Baltics works from the inside.

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