Exhibitions for Rent and Sale

In addition to smaller exhibits, you can rent or purchase a whole interactive exhibition! All exhibitions are family-friendly and safe and built by AHHAA's own exhibition department.

Minimal rental period is 3 months.
Please send your inquiries and to

1. Aha, Illusions!

Believe your own eyes - or not? In „,Aha, Illusions!“, not everything is what it initially seems...

Unbelievable patterns that will make your head spin, shifting mirrors, vanishing sculptures, water flowing backwards – it looks like everything is actually happening, but is it really? Created and built by Science Centre AHHAA, this interactive family-friendly exhibition presents you with numerous amazing optical effects and deceptive tricks that look downright magical, but are actually 100% scientifically sound.

2. Aha, Phobias!

What scares you the most? Heights? Spiders? Darkness? Or being forced to live without the Internet? In AHHAA's new thrilling exhibition, a bunch of creepy chambers awaits you, each one hiding a source for a common phobia. The exhibition was created in cooperation with professional psychologists from Psühhobuss and explains why we sometimes fear something that isn't really dangerous. There is no age limit and the exhibition is so funny that it's scary. It's totally immersive and affects all of our senses. And perhaps facing your fear will help you defeat it?

3. Aha, Gravity!

Now you can learn the secrets of gravity with us. How much does a litre of milk weigh on Mars or Venus? Which is stronger, gravity or centrifugal force? How does it feel to fall from a height of 5 metres?

Each exhibit reveals unprecedented secrets of gravity. Come and check out:

4. Aha, Sport!

The sports exhibition is full of exciting answers to questions that may arise in everyday life or, conversely, that you do not think about in ordinary life at all. It would be nice to test yourself at the starting line and find out who is faster. You could also test whether you can play football under the table and table tennis in the sewer. Or find out what your body mass index is! In the exhibition, you can test your strength even in a game of tug of wars!

5. Aha, senses!

Aha, Senses! Enter the infinite mind labyrinth of AHHAA! Seeing, hearing, smelling and touching - this will turn your senses hopelessly upside down. A complete playground for the senses. In a unique, dimly lit environment all your senses are amplified.

Have you ever pondered:
  • Wind or sound tornado - which is scarier?
  • Can cold be warm?
  • Do you think there's an exhibit that can make you stutter?
  • Is it really possible to bite sound?

6. Miniature exhibition

Fun interactive exhibits to brighten your event or a public area (shopping centre etc).

  • 10 exhibits
  • Up to 200 m².
  • Price upon agreement
  • Additional fee for transportation, insurance and installation