Temporary safety rules in AHHAA

Temporary guest rules in AHHAA

Dear friend of AHHAA! We're very happy to welcome you in our centre again. Since times have changed a bit, we kindly ask you to follow some rules so that we all feel safe.

  • Since 7 August it is mandatory to wear a protective mask to visit AHHAA. You can get the mask from our staff. NB! Mask is not mandatory for visitors with a medical indication whose condition could be worsened by mask.
  • The mask is mandatory for everyone aged 12 and over.
  • An additional safety fee (0,50 € for the mask, hand sanitizer and exhibition cleaning by the staff) is added to the ticket of every visitor who is at least 12 years old. No safety fee applies to those who only visit the science shop or cafeteria.
  • Mask is mandatory during the whole visit. If you don't comply with the rule, the staff has the right to send you out of the centre.
    • The centre is open: Mon-Sun 10-19.
    • There can be up to 200 visitors in  AHHAA at once. 
    • Right now there will be no public workshops, planetarium and science theatre shows.
    • Before buying the ticket, disinfect your hands in the lobby. You can get a protective mask (and gloves, if you need them) from the staff.
    • Please follow the dispersion requirement (keep reasonable distance from other visitors)
    • Our staff disinfects the exhibits regularly and there are several disinfection points (hand sanitizers) for the visitors all over the centre.
    • AHHAA's science shop is open.
    • Cafeteria Newton's outdoor terrace is open.  50% occupancy requirement must be taken into account. The table can accommodate up to 10 people. Follow the instructions in AHHAA's lobby and entrance.
    • All gift cards/e-tickets/vouchers, which expired/expire during the period 01.03.2021-31.08.2021 are automatically extended until 31.08.2021.

    We hope you understand that the rules are for the safety of both you and the other visitors and we do our best to make your stay in AHHAA enjoyable - even in these uncertain times!

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