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Want to make something truly great for yourself and learn something new in the progress? Come and join in one of our numerous workshops that take part every day!

Participation in workshops is free for the science centre ticket holders.

Depending on the number (max. 30 people) and ability of the participants, the workshops usually last for no more than 45 minutes. Workshops are free for visitors of the centre, except for pre-booked workshops for groups. The price for a booked workshop is 2 € per person (with the science centre ticket) or 4 € per person (without the science centre ticket).

Open workshops (i.e. those that have not been previously booked by groups) are subject to availability: there is at least one open workshop every day, where the visitors can sign up by putting their name on the whiteboard in our Hall of Technology. The working language(s) of the workshop is determined by an explainer and is stated on the same whiteboard. AHHAA cannot guarantee the availability of free seats. 

The daily program in AHHAA (available on the front page of our website) is updated every morning.

Booking and additional information:

Mo-Fri 9-17
ph: +372 516 766

Attention! We have set the minimum and recommended age requirements for every workshops. Children who are younger than the recommended age might not be sufficiently skillful on their own and should participate in workshops with older siblings, parents etc, who could assist them if necessary.

For booked groups, the minimal number of people in each workshop is 10 (max. 25). If a group of pre-schoolers wishes to book a workshop, there should be one assisting adult for every five children. Workshop(s) must be booked at the same time as the visit to science centre.

Aha, Behind the Scenes: Special Workshops

These workshops are available from 26 November 2016 to 23 April 2017. If you wish to book any of the special workshops for your group, please note that the workshop must take place no later than 23 April 2017!

NEW! 1. Special Effects Wound (until 23.04.17)

Surprise your friends and family with a truly lifelike wound! In this workshop, you’ll find out why we get bruised and when does blood loss become critical. With a little help of make-up, you can create your own „wound“ and learn more about how movie make-up works (and how otherwise good-looking people can turn into vile monsters onscreen). 

This workshop is not for the faint-hearted! 

12-25 people, 30-45 minutes
Recommended age: 12 years

NEW! 2. 3D Glasses (until 23.04.17)

You’ve probably watched dozens of 3D movies, but do you know how the technology actually works and what happens if you put on 3D glasses? What are anaglyphs and polaroids? How are the effects created in AHHAA’s 4D Adventure Cinema? We’ll show you! Put together a pair of basic 3D glasses and test the effect by looking at various anaglyphs. And if you want to, you can even draw your own 3D picture!

10-25 people, ~30 minutes
Recommended age: 8 years (This workshop relies heavily on the use of scissors. Younger children may participate too, if assisted by an adult/older sibling etc)

NEW! 3. DIY Cinema (until 23.04.17)

This workshop takes you on a journey into the history of movies, cinematography and different animation techniques. Participants can build zoetropes and create their own animations – even a short cartoon, if you’re particularly skilled!

10-25 people, ~45 minutes
Recommended age: 10 years (This workshop relies heavily on the use of scissors. Younger children may participate too, if assisted by an adult/older sibling etc)

AHHAA's Classics

1. Soap Laboratory

We're surrounded by all kinds of soap, shampoos, washing detergents and so on. How do they work? Let's enter the mysterious and seemingly confusing world of soap chemistry. Find out why you need to add water to soap to make bubbles and how people used to make their own soap at home. All this while constantly being surrounded by the magnificent aromas. Did you know how our sense of smell works? In the end, you too will learn how to make soap - wonderfully bubbly and well-scented!

10-25 people, 45-60 minutes
Minimum age: 5 years, recommended age: 9 years

2. Eye Surgery

We all know pirates wore eyepatches. But not all of them had to cover missing eyes. Realizing that when switching between dark and bright surroundings, eyes need some time to adapt themselves, the pirates started to train their eyes to be able to adapt quicker. Find out how our eyes really work, who has the largest eyes in the world and what does colour blindness really mean. In the end of the workshop, you will get a unique glance inside a real eye.

The workshop is sponsored by Rakvere Lihakombinaat.

10-25 people, up to 45 minutes
Minimum age: 7 years, recommended age: 10 years

4. The DNA of Gummi Bears

Our bodies are built by proteins and it is DNA that contains the necessary instructions for protein synthesis. To code this information, we have a four-piece system, that you have probably seen in your biology books. And probably thought that all of this is totally confusing. Well, not if you use jellybeans to create an illustrative example. Plus, you can try to eat some of the remaining candy, when no one is watching!

The workshop is sponsored by Haribo

10-25 people, up to 45 minutes
Minimum age: 10 years, recommended age: 10 years

5. CSI: DNA extraction

DNA is a recipe to make us who we are. Everything we are - our hair, our eyes, even our brain - is written in our genetic code. All the living things have DNA and some of our genetic information can be really similar. Which one is more closely related to us - a banana or a mosquito? Here, in our laboratory, you will learn how to extract DNA from your own cells, see your own genetic code - and even take it home with you!

10-25 people, up to 30 minutes
Minimum age: 7 years, recommended age: 10 years

6. DIY Planetarium

Follow the steps of a young Japanese boy whose dream was to show the beauty of the sky to people. Takayuki Ohira is the creator of the world’s most powerful planetarium projector, MEGASTAR II. Years ago, he found his love for the stars from a knocked up version of a star-projector, which we are going to build right here! For little, and why not bigger, fast and furious fingers, we have a sky-map without stars that are waiting to be poked in! Just like ancient Estonians told the stories of how the stars became to be – they were poked into a metal dome that was above Estonia in the ancient times – then wrapped around a technologically advanced light centre, and voila, we have a planetarium! Enjoy the wonders of the sky and choose whether you want to explore the Northern sky or study the Southern sky.

10-20 people, up to 60 minutes

Minimum age: 14 years, recommended age: 14 years

7. Chocolate Laboratory

A sweet with a long and interesting history, chocolate has transformed from a bittersweet drink of South American ancient civilization to one of the most beloved foods of the world. Here, you have a chance to make (and eat!) your very own chocolate.

10-25 people, up to 45 minutes
Minimum age: 5 years, recommended age: 7 years

8. Soda Factory

Want to know what is really going on in soft drink factories? And why are there bubbles in soft drinks? Hey, where did soda even come from in the first place? Why don't you join us and explore the history of this fascinating drink, and make some of your own as well!

The workshop is sponsored by A. le Coq

10-15 people, up to 45 minutes
Minimum age: 4 years, recommended age: 7 years


The ECOTRAILS is a project that aims to raise the environmental awareness of the visitors of AHHAA through simple, everyday objects and natural phenomena that we might know, but not be conciously thinking about. In addition to three different learning traces that have been set up in the centre, visitors of AHHAA can also take part in two thematic workshops.

1. Get Smart, Warm Up!

Find out how houses and buildings are being insulated and test your skills and knowledge on budget, planning and construction. Visit a „construction store“, „buy“ the materials and equipment you need and make a play house warm and cosy! Then use a thermal camera to see how successful your construction works have been!

10-25 people,up to 60 minutes
Minimum age: 10 years, recommended age: 10 years

2. The Green Circle

Why do we need to sort our trash and recycle? How do you sort it anyway? What happens to the waste after it's been sorted? How to be(come) a conscious consumer? Come and find out, and see how well-informed and skilful you are! 

10-25 people, up to 45 minutes
Minimum age: 7 years, recommended age: 7. years