On 28th of September, during the Researchers’ Night Festival, Science Centre AHHAA is throwing a spectacular Robot Battle in Tartu.

Save the date – and bring your Battle Bot! There is no doubt, that the happening will be most sparking and adrenaline-triggering event in Estonia this autumn.

  • There are two weight categories for the Battle Bots:  0-25 kg and 25-50 kg
  • All the registered participants are invited to a workshop Hackathon on 9th of September. Hackathon is organized by SPARK Makerlab and AHHAA.
  • The prize pool for winners is 1200 €


For SIGNING UP write to saile.magi@ahhaa.ee 

Registration closes on 9th of September.

The competition is sponsored by: AKU+, Decora, RC-EST, Makserv, Felandia, PRIISK OÜ, Proplast Group,


What is a Robot Battle?

It is a competition where remote-controlled battle robots (AKA Battle Bots) try to deactivate each other on a special battle arena.

The aim of the Robot Battle is to increase people’s interest in robotics and mechanical engineering.

The most distinguishing feature of the Battle Bots is the added weapons, which are used to deactivate competitors at the arena. Weapons may vary from buzz saws to kick hammers and many more.  Also, the battle robots may vary by their appearances and the way they move. The robots may fly, walk, jump or even roll on the arena. Just keep in mind that the size of the robots cannot exceed 1 m3 and the maximum weight is 50 kg.

Robots are divided into two categories:

  • Light weight 0-25 kg
  • Middle weight 25-50 kg

The arena where the robots face each other is 6x6 m wide and it has various hidden obstacles, which will make the battles look even more outstanding.

The length of every battle is 3 minutes. During the match, two Battle Bots try to deactivate each other. A robot wins the match when its opponent stops moving for at least 20 seconds. If both robots survive the 3 minutes, it is called a tie and the jury will divide additional points between the contestants. Points are awarded for the strategy, aggressiveness of the machine and injuries caused to the opponent.

The Robot Battle format is similar to the Battle Bots tournaments around the world.

For detailed rules and further information about the competition, contact
  saile.magi@ahhaa.ee or call + 372 5685 3685 (English, Estonian).

Photos from the Robot Battle in April 2017 in the Science Centre AHHAA.