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Permanent Exhibition

Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu opened its brand new building with almost three thousand square meters of exhibition area on 7 May 2011. Come and explore science in a fun and playful way! Three exhibition halls, spectacular workshops, planetarium and science theatre shows are waiting for you!

A giant energy machine, or Newton's apple tree, the largest Hoberman Sphere in the world, adventurous elevator journey inside the Earth or up to space, mini-labs, stock market, gift shop, planetarium and many more interesting things are waiting for you here! Watch a video and find out more about the numerous possibilities of AHHAA!

Hall of Technology

In our Hall of Technology you can ride the bicycle on a rope and take a journey into the bowels of the Earth (or up to the cosmic heights, depending on what you prefer). Or why not take a photo of yourself with an exploding balloon or test your balance in the shaking tunnel?

"Aha, Cubed"

AHHAA's brand new exhibition is dedicated to mathematics! This exhibition is first of the several additions to our permanent exhibition and it is situated on the 3rd floor balcony in our Hall of Technology.

The aim of the new exhibition is to show that mathematics is all around us and almost everything we do could be explained through mathematics.

Find out...

  • how the Pythagorean theorem works
  • how large is one cubic metre
  • what is a Monkey Calculator and what is an addiator - and how do they work
  • how does the length of a pendulum effect its amplitude

And of course, a lot more!

Hall of Nature

In our Hall of Nature, we are presenting a vast array of living creatures, such as wood ants, fish and corals from the Red Sea and extremely adorable chicks. If you're lucky, you can spot a starfish or see a chicken hatching from an egg- right in front of your eyes.

Also, starting from 18 March 2016, we're proud to present our brand new exhibition area, including the newly built second floor. Check out the world of fungi and mould, fog machine, water printer, models of Estonian birds and a real bird-watching tower. We've also opened a new laboratory, so if you're lucky, you might have a chance to visit it during a workshop. 

Various science theatre shows and workshops take place every day. Admission is free (except for pre-ordered shows or workshops). Come and join us as we dissect a real eye, make chocolate, build engines or DNA models and a whole lot more.

You may have noticed an attractive silver ball on top of our building. Inside it is the unique spherical planetarium, where you can see millions of stars and movies in space.

Science Centre AHHAA is your friendly guide to an exciting world of science!

See you at AHHAA, the largest science centre in the Baltics!

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