AHHAA 4D Cinema

Welcome to our 4D Adventure Cinema! We're located in Lõunakeskus Shopping Centre (Ringtee 75, Tartu), on the southern border of town. You can easily reach us by taking the Riia Street and just driving (or walking) directly to the end, then turning right at the roundabout.




(per person)

(per person)




3,20 €




4,30 €




4,30 €

  • *Miriam’s Picnic” and "Visit to Lotte". Read more about 


For individual visitors

Now you can buy discount tickets to 4D cinema (only 2,50 € per person!) Please note that discount tickets are only sold to the Science Centre AHHAA ticket holders and can only be bought at the ticket desk of Science Centre AHHAA (Sadama 1, Tartu). When you buy the discount ticket, you’ll receive a coupon that can be exchanged for a cinema ticket at the 4D Experience Cinema. The coupon is valid for a week (i.e. must be exchanged for the cinema ticket within one week)

For groups

There are two kinds of discounts for groups (at least 12 people) who visit the 4D Adventure Cinema:

  • One Movie Discount: tickets to a movie cost 2.50 € (Mon-Fri 12-16) or 3.50 € (Mon-Fri 16-20, Sat-Sun 12-20) per person
  • Two Movies Discount: tickets to two movies cost 4 € (Mon-Fri 12-16) or 5 € (Mon-Fri 16-20, Sat-Sun 12-20) per person

We also offer two kinds of discounts for the groups (at least 12 people) that have previously visited the science centre:

  • One Movie Discount: tickets to a movie cost 2 € per person
  • Two Movies Discount: tickets to two movies cost 3 € per person

Attention! Group discount applies to previously booked visits only. In order to get the Two Movies Discount, a group must watch both movies in a row, without leaving the cinema inbetween. The movies will be chosen by the group.

Information and booking

For more information or booking, contact us by phone on +372 731 5650 or by e-mail on 4d@ahhaa.ee.

Science Shop

A small science shop is now open in AHHAA's 4D Adventure Cinema! You can visit the shop during the opening hours of the cinema and buy different smart toys and other goods, such as Silly Putty and edible insect candy.